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Our Beliefs

Our idea behind Gather was to craft a new kind of pet food using certified and organic ingredients, perfectly blended and balanced to provide dogs and cats with natural nutrition to help them live their best lives.

Our Ingredient Producers Are Required to Meet Very Strict Criteria

Every Gather recipe is created using the highest quality, healthiest, and most flavourful ingredients available. These are selected through a trusted network of farmers, ranchers and producers, who must meet or exceed our very stringent health, safety and quality criteria. Because we always put pets first, we never use by-product meals or un-named meat meals.

Certified & Organic Ingredients, Sustainably Produced

Those producers who survived our scrutiny and earned our confidence have joined us to become our secured sources and trusted partners in Gather, supplying us with 100% certified organic whole chicken, peas, flaxseed, oatmeal and barley. And of course, every ingredient is Non-GMO.

Good for Your Pet. Good for Our Planet.

We’re always striving to find solutions that will make things better for pets, people and our planet. Organic ingredients reduce our carbon pawprint due to environmentally-friendly, sustainable farming practices as well as non-GMO ingredient standards.

  • Producing Responsibly
    We adhere to responsible environmental and social practices that require much less water, land and energy resources.
  • Reducing Consumption
    97% of the energy used in our office is produced from renewable resources. We take active steps to reduce paper consumption.
  • Empowering People
    Women make up 67% of our senior management. We have a dedicated sustainability team who take their responsibilities very seriously and do their work with commitment and pride.
  • Sustainable, USDA Certified Packaging
    Our bags use 30% plant-based material. For every 16lb bag, we save a 4lb bag worth of petroleum-based material.
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Let’s Talk Pet Nutrition

We’re driven to do everything we can to give your pet a happy, healthy and long life. If you have any questions about your pet’s nutrition, please reach out.